First of all , water skiing is a form of skiing, in which the styles of two sports are combined with surfing and skiing. This is a sport that pursues high speeds, and in some cases it is made use of a rope held by a boat to optimize the strength, balance and resistance of the participant. With this water sport, they can have physical strength, technical resistance and reflexes, these are some of the qualities that practicing water skiing means. A sport that many practice in order to improve their balance.

Benefits of water skiing

This is a sport that aims to improve physical strength in the arms and legs, but above all, to work the balance of the body.

Here are some of the benefits of water skiing:

  1. Increase strength in arms and legs
  2. It is a sport that releases tensions, among others
  3. Improve balance
  4. Improve the resistance
  5. Improves reflections

In addition to this being a highly recommended sport for those who want to try something different, water skiing is ideal.

Water skiing features

At present, water skiing is one of the most popular, especially in Australia, Mediterranean Europe, South Africa and the United States. This sport consists of skiing on the water caught on a drag line pulled by a powerful motorboat. In addition, you can perform spectacular maneuvers on one or two skis.

Water skiing materials

Water skis are made of plastic, wood, or reinforced glass fibers. These usually have a length of 1.7 to 1.8 m, about 15 cm wide, and also have flexible tapes for the feet, the ailerons that have below, are those that provide stability and makes it easier the execution of very pronounced turns, the boards to go on knees are wider and shorter.

The skis are different depending on the discipline you want to practice.

  1. The amateur skier normally uses, 180 cm skis.
  2. The small ones, of less than 120 cm, are the most manageable, since they are the most suitable to make figures.
  3. For the jump, it is better to be shorter and wider, to have more support surface. The monosuit is used for slalom.

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