The catamaran is a boat that has great stability at sea. It is designed with sides known as hulls, which are joined through a skeleton. In this way, it is possible to provide stability, quality and safety at time of events at sea.

It is for this reason that the catamaran model has a large number of sizes, all exclusive to your preference.

These boats have two basic ways to propel themselves, either by sailing or by a motor in each of their hulls. This makes them one of the most modern and stable boats on the market.

The catamarans for 350 people serve to provide a different and unique experience at sea.

Through the guaranteed services there will be no problem to maintain the balance of the boat as long as there are a large number of people. And, at the same time, it will be possible to give the best services to the guests.

Generally, it is used for events of great importance or high exclusivity. Its design allows visitors to obtain an unforgettable experience in the face of the demands of high societies.

The big catamarans allow a special evening.
Counting on the most demanding services of all, it is guaranteed that the client can enjoy the evening. In addition, they have unique features that allow you to be many more comfortable for those parties or meetings you want.

Any of the reasons for which the service is requested for an event in the catamaran, will be special in every occasion. And together with a highly qualified crew will develop the best events, safely.

Characteristics of the service
A crew of 50 professionals.
1 presidential room, with a totally private bathroom and the best quality of services.
2 underwater rooms.
Professional kitchen with a quite ample service.
Cloakroom for customers.
Safe, if needed.
Extra maritime activities, if the client wishes to include it in their services.

Characteristics of the boat
Speed of 160.000W.
High quality sound.
Lights to ambient the space of great quality.
Soundproofed structure.
Sleeve of 11 meters.
Length 37 meters.
Capacity of 350 people without counting the crew.

The boat is considered one of the most reliable for all kinds of events, from the simplest to the most ostentatious, thanks to the luxurious services it has. In fact, it offers such a professional level in its kitchen that they are capable of serving at least 300 cutlery in a single meal.

They have the ability to cook professionally for clients and their guests. In addition, it provides security to jewelry and personal items of guests.

Currently, for the services of this boat must pay an amount ranging from € 14,500. So, if this is the boat you want to make your event check the availability of prices and days at So you can enjoy the best service and quality of the holidays at sea.

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