The bow defense is one of the most important implements that your boat should have, this type of elements fulfill a primordial function in very common actions in every boat. The defense is responsible for  absorbing the energy of the ship’s impact, and transmitting it to the elements that compose it and to the support structures. As is evident, the bow guard absorbs impacts or friction when the ship approaches from this end.

Bow defense 360 ​​x 260mm

However, not all defenses are good for all types of boats, it is important to know how to choose the best defense for your boat.

In the first place, the location of the defenses must be taken into account, since they should not be the same for a port as for a more open place. We must also consider the temperatures to which it is going to be exposed, the possibility of supporting ice – and for how long -, the levels of ozone and solar radiation, the possibility of suffering seismic movements, corrosion, etc.

Another important issue is the ships that will dock and use the defenses. As we know, there are boats of all sizes and types imaginable; in each port they must know what kind of ships arrive at their docks, to adapt the defenses to all of them. Consideration is given to aspects such as the size, weight, draft, curvature of the boat, existence of belts or bands, resistance to pressure, etc.

In addition, other aspects not only of security must be observed, but also of preferences of port users; for example, rubber fenders leave black marks on cruise ships, something that operators do not like very much. These types of details should also be taken into account, as they will influence the profitability of the port itself.

Depending on the type of boat and the shape of the dock,  the berth will be different (berthing on the side, stern, duke of dawn, approach to the lock …). We must take into account the most common form or forms of approach for the port in particular, to choose the most appropriate defense and to avoid unforeseen events or a reduced useful life of the defense.

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