Tienda náutica online

Cuando buscamos servicios para nuestra embarcación nos enfocamos en encontrar el mejor de los proveedores el cual te garantice seguridad, comodidad, mejor oferta y productos, en fin, garantía de excelencia en cuanto a sus servicios. En cuanto a productos eléctricos y electrónicos se refiere un cliente puede tener dudas con ello, ofrece las herramientas … Continue reading "Tienda náutica online"

Bow defense 360 ​​x 260mm

The bow defense is one of the most important implements that your boat should have, this type of elements fulfill a primordial function in very common actions in every boat. The defense is responsible for  absorbing the energy of the ship’s impact, and transmitting it to the elements that compose it and to the support structures. As is … Continue reading "Bow defense 360 ​​x 260mm"

Water skiing

First of all , water skiing is a form of skiing, in which the styles of two sports are combined with surfing and skiing. This is a sport that pursues high speeds, and in some cases it is made use of a rope held by a boat to optimize the strength, balance and resistance of the participant. With this water … Continue reading "Water skiing"